We welcome all kinds of dogs; small ones, large ones and ones in between;
from ones that need to be on their own to the ones that thrive on company.

Our guests spend the day alternating between play times and down times.
With four exercise areas for them to play in, each with something different to offer,
we have happy and fulfilled dogs.

All our guests, where appropriate, are matched to a group for
playtimes. These are dependent on size, age and temperament.
Our older clients are offered a gentler pace with reduced playtimes or left to sleep
until they are ready to pop outside.
Current Daily Rates: (April 2024 – March 2025)

All charges are by the day

Small dogs (up to 14kg) $45
Meduim dogs (15 – 24kg) $50
Large dogs (25 – 40kg) $58

Surcharges apply for entire males 1 year and over.
Surcharges apply for bitches in season.
$10 discount for 2nd dog in same kennel only.
Discount for extra dogs available upon request.
Our main building has a heated floor for the winter months and a large cool floor
to lay on in the heat of summer.

Each kennel has an outside run, allowing indoor – outdoor flow. This is a secure
area that our guests can ‘lounge around’ in during their down time,
taking in the fresh air, whilst keeping out of the sun and rain.
At night this area is closed off to ensure all our guests are safely inside.

Our second building caters for the small dogs. We have a heat pump for the
winter months and air conditioning for the summer.
The dogs have a large open indoor space for some play time too.
We offer a menu of Royal Canin, (ranging from puppy, to adult, to senior, and including mini bites
for our smaller guests), Black Hawk adult and puppy and a selection of dog rolls and Black Hawk wet food.
With 2 freezers we can accommodate the diners on a raw food diet.
We do, however, ask that all raw and prescription diets are supplied by the parents.