Tracy and Tony - The Owners
We are Tracy and Tony, the proud owners of The Dog Bach Boarding Kennels. We've
been living the dream since 2013. When making the decision to emigrate
to New Zealand, our biggest concern was moving our 2 cats and 2 dogs. But the
process was easier than we thought, so the whole family moved to Wellington
in 2007. Sadly they have all passed away now, but… we have welcomed 3 dogs:
2 labradors and a little Schnauzer cross into our lives. I run the kennels,
whilst Tony concentrates on the maintenance of the property.
I've worked at The Dog Bach since March 2021, my journey has been nothing short of pawsitively exciting. As 2IC to Tracy, my role involves ensuring the wellbeing of our furry guests and maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. I have a genuine passion for expanding my knowledge of canine care and behaviour, consistently exploring and learning new training skills.
It brings me immense joy to contribute to the growth and happiness of our furry friends.
I've known Tracy and Tony for many years, going back to the UK.
They've always had a love of dogs. So, when I was asked if I'd like to work
at The Dog Bach it was a no brainer! I get to put my 20+ years admin skills to good use
and I get to work with a fantastic group of people ably led by Tracy and Tony.
Though I never thought my younger sister would one day be my boss!!!
I've been working at The Dog Bach since May 2023. Before that I've worked with animals since 2021, and I love getting to work with dogs every day! I'm passionate about animal welfare and would love to work in an animal rescue one day.
I've been working at The Dog Bach since June 2023. I have a huge passion
for dogs and their wellbeing. I previously worked for the Council in Taupo
as an Animal Control/ Compliance officer. I love working here at
The Dog Bach, dogs make working life easier and worth it!
I'm a true dog lover with an unwavering passion for our furry friends. Growing up my family owned a
Dalmatian, Jake, and I discovered a deep connection with dogs that has only grown stronger over the years.
With each tail wag, wet nose nudge, and soulful gaze, there is an indescribable joy that can only be found in the presence of these incredible creatures.
I work part time at The Dog Bach, mostly working weekends and during
the school holidays. We have Ralph the retrodoodle at home. I'm in my last
year at Wellington College. I play cricket and football (go LFC!!) and I'm a
keen watcher of many other sports! I love working at The Dog Bach
with the huge mix of dogs that come to visit and a great team to work with.
I’ve known Tracy and Tony forever (they’re my Godparents) and I am currently over in NZ on a working holiday. When Tracy suggested I come and work at The Dog Bach I jumped at the opportunity. I’ve grown up with dogs and currently have 2 Springer Spaniels back home in the UK. I’ve previously worked in a pet shop in the UK and dogs are my passion! I work at The Dog Bach on a fixed term and am mostly around during the busy periods when an extra set of hands is needed.
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